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Posted in shout by pitupong on November 1, 2009

Welcome to Supermachine Studio’s official blog. (***Don’t look for official Supermachine Studio’s website. It does not exist) The content in this blog is all related to the projects we are involved. They are published and updated according to what we are doing at that moment of time. If you would like to look at some projects in particular, please click the categories organized on the right hand side column.

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The Labyrinth; 10 Cal Tower (Complete Images)

Posted in 2013_SCG_10 Cal Tower, Architecture by pitupong on February 2, 2015


Photographs: Wison Tunthunya










Music credit by Super Mario Bros. The clip shows a small loop of one trying to run to complete a loop in the Labyrith.

How it’s made: The Labyrinth

Posted in 2013_SCG_10 Cal Tower, Architecture by pitupong on February 1, 2015










Big Mountain Music Festival 6

Posted in 2014_Big Mountain Music Festival 6, Event Design, shout by pitupong on December 12, 2014





Khmar Market V6.0 in the making

Raining on the labyrinth

Posted in 2013_SCG_10 Cal Tower, Architecture by pitupong on October 3, 2014

SCG_03xA few days before the grand opening, we visit the Labyrinth AKA. 10 Cal Tower. Some final touches are still have to be done, but very soon we can share it to the world.

Cotto Curious @ SQ1 is completed

Posted in 2014_Cotto Curious, Interior Design by pitupong on September 2, 2014

SS Cotto Curious 51The Flagship showroom of Cotto, the biggest Thai ceramic tile and bathroom product producer in Thailand is opened at SQ1 Siam square under the name “Cotto Curious”.

SS Cotto Curious 01

SS Cotto Curious 03

SS Cotto Curious 42

SS Cotto Curious 40

SS Cotto Curious 43

SS Cotto Curious 53

SS Cotto Curious 56

Yim Huai Khwang Hostel (Complete images)

Posted in 2013_Yim Huai Khwang hostel, Architecture by pitupong on July 15, 2014


Yim Huai Khwang Hostel, Bangkok

Location: Huai Khwang intersection, Bangkok , Thailand

Client: Peung & Tem

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Korakot Meesatien, Kasidis Puektes, Supakorn Sinthutarn and Sujinda Khawkum

Project type: Renovation (Exterior and Interior)

Area: 600 SQ.M.

Completion: Q1, 2014

Photograph: Wison Tungthunya


Recently a young couple came to our office telling us that they would like to leave their routine jobs and start their own new business. They told us about their dream to have a small hostel chain offering compact but super comfortable beds for travelers of different ages. They named their dream project “YIM”, meaning “SMILE” in Thai. The very first one is Yim Huai Khwang. It is named after the bustling district of Bangkok where the hostel situates. Shortly, there will be few more to come and locations will always be added after “YIM.” This primary move is to take over the 20+ year old shop house and transform it into a 16 room pilot hostel. Previously the building was a rent condominium sales office.


The conversion process of exterior and interior in this project has a lot to do with ‘archiving’, meaning the building will have to look fresh and different from what it used to be while many of old elements are to be kept intact. The project is nicknamed, “Batman hostel”, a version of the superhero that still shows a lot of Bruce Wayne under the black suit. Very clearly, the project is a transformation process that hint to the tracing back of its original condition.



The main operation for the exterior is to reveal the original modernist façade of the existing building which has a very strong expression of its time. The bamboo panels, typically hand-made and used in small houses in rural area of Thailand, are inserted behind the existing sunshade to make contrast background and emphasize the form of the existing architecture that we admire. The bamboo walls also act as defining frames of the hostel rooms giving privacy between each unit.

The interior is about juxtaposition of different concepts. The marble reception counter left from the previous renter is kept attached to the new collage wall made of old fashion & design magazines. Separating by the giant clock clad with colorful toys, guest dining area is an all-white vintage tile space. Just a few meters away, the public area of the hostel is a bombarded with vibrant colors; the turquoise stair well, the orange hall on 2nd floor and the yellow corridor on 3rd. Inside the 16 hostel rooms are kept simple using white and natural wood colors to make the compact rooms feel spacious. 6 bunk beds are combined and built in capsule-like units to add little more privacy.

Staying in the hostel these days is more than just about budget sleeping, but experiences what the place has to offer. In a way, Yim Huay Khwang Hostel is trying to prove that.



Posted in 2013_Big Mountain Music Festival 5 by pitupong on July 12, 2014


It has become the ritual project we do annually, Big Mountain Music Festival. This post is a recap on the elements we have designed for Big Mountain Music Festival#5, December 2013.









“It’s time to give back”

Posted in 2014_Bamboo School, Architecture by pitupong on May 31, 2014

Chiangrai_01“Time to give back”.. Supermachine Studio joins force with TROP, NOTDS, Jiro Endo and many others to come on a project to build new classrooms for BAAN PA KOR DUM community school, Chiangrai, Thailand. The project is initiated by Design for Disaster as an urgent attempt to help schools that are damaged by the earthquake earlier in May 2014. There are 8 other architect teams working their ass off to build 8 other schools. Give us hands on what ever you can. More details about how to help will be posted here.


Damage done by earthquake at the school

Design Document_Page_02 Design Document_Page_03Chiangrai_02Design Document_Page_06


Chiangrai_04Design Document_Page_28

Genie Rock Festival (G16) Stage Design

Posted in 2014_Genie Rock Fest, Event Design, G16 by pitupong on May 12, 2014

G16_02We have just completed one of the most exciting Rock Concert events that we have designed, Ginnie Rock Fest; G16. The event is located at Meungthong Thani on the lake side area. It is packed with almost 40,000 people. The concert last 6 1/2 hrs. 14 rockbands playing continuously.








Yim Huai Khwang Hostel, “Just Opened”

Posted in 2013_Yim Huai Khwang hostel by pitupong on April 22, 2014



Congratulation to Yim Huai Khwang Hostel. It’s finally opened.


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