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Posted in shout by pitupong on March 13, 2016

Welcome to Supermachine Studio’s official blog. (***Don’t look for official Supermachine Studio’s website. It does not exist) The content in this blog is all related to the projects we are involved. They are published and updated according to what we are doing at that moment of time (pre-tagged with the year that project starts). If you would like to look at some projects in particular, please click the categories organized on the right hand side column.

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JACK/Supermachine Studio

Bamboo School under construction

Posted in 2014_Bamboo School, Architecture by pitupong on February 22, 2016

Bam_01From a bamboo farm in Chiangmai almost a year ago… The disaster relief school we have designed in Chiangrai has been taking shape and getting very close to its completion.


Posted in 2015_Hubbato by pitupong on February 14, 2016

HBT_02A new co-working + Artisan space in Bangkok is taking shape in Sansiri’s brand new shopping mall, Habbito. Hubbato will be operated by Hubba, a renown active Bangkok’s co-working space initiator. The project will be completed in Q2 2016


Posted in 2015_Harbor Pattaya, Architecture by pitupong on January 28, 2016

EX_N07_finalOur long awaited project, HABOR PATTAYA KLANG. This shopping mall of the biggest in its series. Opening in Q2 2016


Dandelion for iLight Marina Bay 2016

Posted in 2016_iLight Marina Bay, Art by pitupong on January 5, 2016


“Home-made shadow”… we are now busy creating this installation for iLight marina bay, Singapore taking place in March 2016. More details to come.

The Labyrinth has been awarded AR Emerging architecture awards 2015

Posted in 2013_SCG_10 Cal Tower, Architecture, Awards by pitupong on December 4, 2015




Mercury ville (Complete photos)

Posted in 2013_Mercury Ville, Architecture by pitupong on October 2, 2015


Photographs: Wison Tungthunya



Posted in 2015_CJ WORX, Interior Design by pitupong on August 12, 2015

Cjworx 00Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Yupadee Suvisith, Korakot Meesathien and Sujinday Khawkam

Completion: Q1 2015

Cjworx axonCjworx axon02

Supermachine Studio’s proposal for New TCDC competiton 2015

Posted in 2015_New TCDC competition, Architecture by pitupong on July 24, 2015


The design competition for a 10,000m2 new TCDC locating at 80 year old Bangkok Grand Post Office. The result has been announced in May 2015. Too bad, we passed through the first round, but didn’t make it all the way to win it. Any way, we would like to share part of the proposal here.


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After 10 Cal Tower, Exhibition at ASA Architect’15

Posted in 2013_SCG_10 Cal Tower, Architecture by pitupong on April 27, 2015


Calorie tower

Driven by technology and social media, people in different ages in our society are changing the ways they spend time. Daily activities and sports can be tracked and shared to friends at ease by just clicking devices. Activities seem to be more diverse, active and outdoor as people start to follow what friends are enjoying. We are slowly moving out from a sitting-back and work or going to shopping mall society to a more active one.

Supermachine Studio is questioning the way people will live in the near future taking a project that we have done for SCG (The Labyrinth) as a starting point. In the project, we reinterpret the role of “a playground” by define it as a meeting place among adults and kids rather than just playing facility seen in traditional play ports. Fun is created by just running up-down the concrete structure. Hiding and seeking in the Labyrinth enable people to meet physically rather than chatting with them virtually on computer or smart phone screens. To complete the loop one will have to spend 10 kilo calories, the Labyrinth is an architecture for active movements as well as a social enhancing device, a meeting place.

Calorie tower is a structure for a future society where architecture is not built based on the most efficient and quickest-access philosophy but on a detour and more possibility basis. It is a tower for those in the community to come in, meet and spend time together more actively.


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