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Harbormall (process)

Posted in 2009_Harbormall, Architecture by pitupong on June 7, 2009


fins_colorsHarbormall is revitalization project of the 50,000+sq.m. building heavily affected by the  great Asian Economy crisis in 1997. Located 100 km. east of Bangkok, the building was a local shopping mall mostly serving engineers and workers in Laemchabang harbor, the biggest harbor of Thailand. After being struck by the financial crisis, the building continuously fell apart customer disappearing, shops closing till it reached zombie state. The whole thing was half-dead for 6 years. (The same thing can happen to retail spaces in many countries in financial crisis right now) (more…)

Multiplication nerds

Posted in Writing by pitupong on May 19, 2009


Quick Bites, Design for better eating, TCDC 2009

4 years ago, we started clipping 13,000 A3 papers to make ceiling for a concert, then we hung 2500 pieces of cieling modules just recently we stuck 3,000 colorful glass fins to a large-scale building. I have been wanting to write a more theoretical about the technique and put different projects of ours next to each other to compare them in order to talk about one of the design techniques we have been persuing. This is the first try. It can’t be call an article yet; but keep on coming back to this I will slowly putting all the words in place. I want to publish right away and add more text and images later when I am ready. I don’t like the idea of release it when it’s done that much.



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